Bachelor Parties done your way, the RIGHT way!

Party Tours knows first hand that sometimes not a lot of thought is put into a Las Vegas bachelor party, and therefore typically are planned on the fly by a bunch of your half drunk buddies, We want to help your crew plan the perfect guys weekend in Vegas, that will never be forgotten!

Below we have some awesome pre-packaged Las Vegas Bachelor Parties. If none of these fit your needs, or budget, please call 855-977-7771 and speak to one of our Las Vegas Bachelor Party Planners who know all about having no-holds barred fun in Sin City.

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Hint: The larger the group the cheaper package price will be.

The Five main activities for a great Las Vegas Bachelor Party

  1. HOTEL: Picking the right hotel for your Las Vegas bachelor party home base is the first step and will set the tone for the whole trip. Staying at a Las Vegas Strip hotel that provides a trendy pool is a must, a great pool means hot women and lots of them!  Party Tours is part of a large travel organization and because of this, Party Tours gets the best rates at the best hotels like Hard Rock, Palms, Planet Hollywood, Wynn, Encore, Aria, and many more. These are unpublished rates that you will not find anywhere else on the planet!  Party Tours can book just your hotel or just your party package, BUT, IF YOU BOOK BOTH WITH US YOU WILL SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY!

  2. DINNER: Every man should have one last meal with his friends as a “free man.” This is where you and your friends will tell stories of past conquests and enjoy a toast to the bachelor and the upcoming evening. Plus, everyone needs some good food in their stomach to help absorb the vast quantities of alcohol that will most definitely be consumed throughout the night!

  3. las vegas bachelor party plannerNIGHTCLUB: Now, considering that you are a large group of guys your chances of getting a VIP entry or complimentary entry without bottle service are slim to none. It is very hard to receive VIP service in Vegas unless you are willing to pay for it. Rumors fly that if you “take care” of the door guy he can get you in which is not necessarily the case. There are places a handshake goes a long way however you are now taking a risk with no guarantee of anything. With Party Tours, you will have a world class host that will escort your group into the club VIP style without the hold ups. With that, if the group would like to do bottle service we can set everything up for you. Because of our relationships with many of the venues we receive great bottle service deals. This in most situations is very cost effective if you have a large group. It’s always nice to have access to a private table in the heart of the club!

    Hint: If you’re planning on consuming any alcohol in the clubs, its always cheaper for large groups to get bottle service as opposed to buying your drinks on an individual basis.

  4. STRIP CLUB: This is the foundation of the perfect Las Vegas bachelor party. Stopping at one of Las Vegas’ World Famous strip clubs is a must. Here you will get a private table(s) where a bevy of beauties will search for warm laps to sit on.

  5. TRANSPORTATION: Las Vegas has plenty of taxis roaming the streets, but please understand if you are traveling with a group of 6 or more, Nevada State Law requires you take multiple taxis. This can get quite expensive and will separate your party. With groups of 6 guys or more, a limousine or Party Bus is definitely the more acceptable way to go. It will make the evening more memorable and everyone will stay together even if your party is 5 or more. Plus you can enjoy adult beverages and latest music while you ride in VIP style to your next location.

HINT: Every major nightclub in Las Vegas has a strict dress code, so dress to impress. You never know who you might meet! Remember, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!, Right?