• Cancellation Policy:
    Cancellations and name changes must be made within 3 Days prior to “Tour Date”.  A $25.00 cancellation fee per person will incur. If you choose to transfer your ticket a $25 transfer fee will incur. 
    · Cancellations made within 72 hours to the “Tour Date” will result in 100% forfeiture
    · We DO NOT give refunds...only credit for a later date
    · Strict dress code applies
    · Must be 21 years or older
    · Valid Undamaged Identification is required
    · If you do not obey all rules on the tour and are asked to leave by your host you will not be given a refund of any kind.
  • Identification:

    All participants MUST have a valid government issued picture id or passport. Without proper identification the nightclubs will refuse you admittance into their establishment. Party Tours is not responsible for denied entry and will not refund any money due to lack of identification.

  • Dress Code:
    The biggest reason people are turned away from the nightclub is because of dress code. Dress to impress…Strict dress code applies!

    · Ladies: High heels are mandatory, Dresses, Skirts, Designer Jeans, Blouses, are acceptable. We suggest bringing a pair of roll up flats to switch into but you are required to wear high heels in the nightclub. The casinos or nightclubs will not allow you to be bare foot.
    · Gentlemen: Suits, Collared Shirts, Slacks, Designer Jeans, Dress Shoes, are all acceptable. The only tennis shoe that the club accepts is “Creative Recreation”. This is a nightclub approved tennis shoe.

    · No shorts, hats, glasses, excessive jewelry, torn jeans, baggy jeans, men’s stylish v-necks, tennis shoes, boots, flats, or sandals, feathered boas, or colored wigs will be allowed.
    · If you choose to wear a coat or jacket during the winter months the nightclubs do require that you check it into the coat check. Please keep in mind that on busy nights the line for the coat check can be up to 20 minutes to retrieve your items.
  • Tipping:

    All Party Tours hosts and hostesses are in the service industry like valets or waitresses they get a small wage and they make a living off your tips. If your host or hostess does a good job and was making sure everyone was having a good time. Then a proper Thank-you for their work is appreciated 20% or $15 per person is the industry standard.

  • NO Line / No Cover:

    Party Tours has arranged for you to bypass club lines. However on weekends most clubs are super busy and there is usually a brief wait as the doorman gets organized to accept any large group. Average wait time is about 10 minutes (beats 1-2 hours). On Holidays the waiting time might be a bit longer. All covers are pre-paid by Party Tours so all you have to pay for are your drinks inside the club.

  • Host or Hostess?:

    Party Tours provides a professionally dressed host or hostess to accompany every tour group, acting as your own personal chaperone for the night. The host’s or hostess’s job is to ensure that your night runs smoothly. He or she is there to answer any questions you may have plus escorting your group past the endless nightclub lines and taking pictures and/or videos of your event. Your Party Tours host or hostess will make sure that your event is a success.

  • What's included in the package price?:

    The tour or package price includes the host services and/or goods listed with the tour or the package, sales tax and fees are included. If the package includes bottle service, for example, then the package would include the host, cover charges, table fee, bottle charges, and a 20% gratuity for the cocktail service. All of Party Tours packages are all inclusive. None of your host or hostess tips/gratuities are included in the price. This is solely up to your discretion, but if you had a good time then a 20% tip is a good average.

  • How far in advance should I book a tour/party?:

    Typically, we suggest that you plan your event at least 1-2 months in advance of your arrival date. If you are coming on a Holiday weekend we suggest you book 2-3 months prior, but if you can book even sooner you will usually save money.

  • What is an Ultra Lounge?:

    An ultra lounge is like a high-energy nightclub on a smaller scale. Ultra lounges are perfect for groups who want to have fun in a nightclub atmosphere, but without being crammed. Some of the best are KOI, Tabú, Ghostbar, Mix, Revolution, and Blush.

If you have any questions that must be addressed, please contact us