A little something about us.

Party Tours was founded by Las Vegas locals that have worked in the travel, tour, and transportation industries for over a decade. We know in the nightclub industry it’s all about who you know. Don’t be fooled by companies that were founded by “out-of-towners” that promise the moon and say they are the best. We are not trying to sell you a club pass where you still end up having to wait in the general admission line or a tour that really wasn't what you expected and just plain sucked.

Party Tours is part of a much larger travel organization and has a staff of more than 30+ and occupies an office of well over 5,000 square feet in Las Vegas. This means we are 10 times larger than most of our competitors. When it comes to the tour and travel industry size does matter.

Party Tours LLC Sustainability Policy

Our vision is for Party Tours LLC is to be the leader in the Tour and Travel industry by adopting sustainable practices. Our responsibility is to educate our employees, guests and vendors on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. We will integrate sustainability into the social fabric of our company by developing the knowledge and skills needed to think globally and act locally.